Wisconsin Latino Conservative Coalition


Parents, not the government, know what’s best for their children.

As Hispanics, we understand this. The family unit is central to the core of our identity.

The far left doesn’t like the family unit’s power in the Hispanic community. Their anti-family and anti-traditional policies are made abundantly clear through their education policies and curriculum.

They are pushing CRT in our schools and telling our children they are victims in this country. They are destroying the pursuit of the American dream, rejecting the power of parents to decide what their children should learn in schools, and trying to use Hispanics and other minorities to create a permanent victim class in society. You can’t move forward if you don’t believe it’s possible.

Together, we will move forward. We are not victims. We are not political pawns to be used by corrupt politicians.

Parents should be able to choose what is best for their child. Your zip code shouldn’t determine the quality of your child’s education.

We need education reform now!

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