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Who We Are

The last decade of politics has been very polarized and many people, regardless of race or ethnicity, have felt intimidated by it. It can be difficult to understand the issues that are important to you, and the many different opinions people hold on them. It is often challenging to express your thoughts and opinions, and the fear of a disagreement turning into a fight can shut down a discussion before it starts. Many communities are experiencing a rift because of this.

The risk can be greater in Latino and other minority communities because having the “wrong” opinion is not just disappointing- it is unacceptable. It comes with a whole other set of attacks from your own people and can be that much harder. 


Wisconsin Latino Conservative Coalition

There was a thriving community of conservative Latinos, centralized in Milwaukee but spanned across the state, that lost touch during the pandemic. Now, the need for that community is greater than it was even two or three years ago. There are more people who feel like they want to better understand the issues and freely talk about their views in an environment that will not shame them for it. That is why the WILCC was started. 

The goal of the WILCC is to empower all Latino voices in Wisconsin, not just the ones that are expected, by providing educational resources on political and policy issues, and planning social events to bring people together. We are not a political activist group, but are simply giving those in our community the chance to learn, grow confidence, find support and build relationships where they may not otherwise be able to.

Board Members

Mario Herrera
Dawn Maldonado
Joel Valdez
Miranda Spindt